Friday, March 28, 2008

White Tires... or any color other than Black

If it exists in the mind,
It lives in the world,
Believe it or not,
half of the pot
Is still filled with pearls.
Take a look inside
and see the reality lies,
Like the cars that are made
right in front of your eyes.

Get what you want out of this world we have made
Its a gift and a curse like the ace of spades.
It is what it is like the night and the day,
As a million dollars changes pockets on this very same day.

-Get Some

Lynch Merrill

As your buying,
They're sellin out.
Treating any buyer to a burger and stout.
They're spineless and greasy,
and stiffer than gout,
So watch yer back and yer front
Or they'll hang out
No Doubt.

1 for the Fun,
2 for the Show
3 for the Money
and 10 for the Blow


The Original R of S Tee

Stomping on the Floor,
Is never a Bore,
It's a release of our character,
It's a request for more,
You want it,
You got it,
I'll Get it.
I want it
you got it,
I like it.

Is this Understood?

-the orginal wheel


One little bean,
Can make you so mean,
You are a train burning steam
As I love YOU like I love my dreams.

1 for $20
5 for $75
10 for $100

Amer, I can Express ?

Any Size you want,
Any color to flaunt,
If you got the cash,
I've got the flash,
So lay it on me lady,
and Kiss my Moustache!

1 for $20
5 for $75
10 for $100